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So I'm a 25yr old male, i have been been with my wife in total 8 years and married for 5 years, no kids. We've always had issued since probably day one of marriage, its had happy times and rocky times, i guess like any marriage. Through out our whole marriage she was verbally abusive, it wasn't till about June 2012 that i got fed up and left.  I met a 32 year old woman during our 6 month separation who truly captured my heart in every way, she has a 5 year old daughter who is just lovely and i fell in love with her and we had a great relationship, but because of my christian values i felt the right thing to do was to go home and make things work with my wife. Now that I'm home my wife has  totally changed and knows about what happened between me and the woman and has been very accepting even though it hurts her. I find my self thinking about the other woman and yearning her love and not sure if weather or not to go back to her, i love my wife but i don't have the same feelings as i do for this woman. What should i do??? help??

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Posted on 09:37PM on Dec 27th, 2012
I hate to tell you this, but the feelings for the other woman may never go away...but what you have with your wife is the ability to change and grow with time, where as the other woman in your mind is no longer a possibility.
Think of the two woman as two different realities...your wife is real life
and the other woman was a dream. once you wake up you can't live the dream as a reality, no matter how good it was.
However, what you do with your reality, your wife, is up to you. It's REAL and you can change it and live it! Try changing things between you two if you are unhappy, and grow with each other.
Love is 2% attraction, 8% chance, and 90% CHOICE.
I sincerely hope this helped.
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